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  • Europe: +353 53 9100059
  • Europe: +353 53 9100059
  • Europe: +353 53 9100059

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Have you a Small to Medium sized Software Project?

If so, we can help you build it.

If you need a system built without having to go through the hassle of hiring analysts, architects and developers we can help. We can build projects for you on time, to budget and with the latest technology.

Our philosophy is that we can build better and faster by

  • Using the most productive UML tools to capture  requirements, design the system and generate database schemas and code layers, we save a significant amount of time and cost.
  • Using the most efficient and fastest to code application design.
  • Using rapid application design with open-source tools and technologies
  • Focussing on the end-game, what has to be built, and build it.

Technology Masters

We've built applications using a multitude of technologies such as

  • Full Java Enterprise Edition with application servers including Glassfish, Websphere, Weblogic, Tomcat and JBoss using JSP,Servlets,JMS,EJBs and transactions
  • Web client frameworks such as AngularJS, Angular-UI, Bootstrap, jQuery, Javascript, JSON, HTML
  • Server frameworks including SpringMVC, Struts, ZK, Vaadin, JSF, Web-Services (REST and API)
  • Databases from JavaDB, MySQL, DB2 and Oracle
  • Mobile applications using Android with Android Studio, Eclipse and Netbeans
  • Really Comfortable with Linux and Windows

Highly Experienced

Some of the recent projects we've been involved in include

  • GPS/Post-code Android application
  • Trouble Ticketing Systems
  • High transaction volume treasury Banking Systems
  • Insurance Portals
  • Licensing Systems
  • HR Surveying Applications
  • Mobile Payments Technology

What we're not!

We're not

  • Consultants to advise on strategy or fluffy opinions - we build software
  • Interested in engaging in prolonged requirements and analysis at the expense of delivery. We're all about delivery.
  • Complex project managers with lots of charts and prolonged meetings. Time is precious. We use ours wisely.

For Further Information contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call us to discuss on +353-53-9100059.

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