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How does RWorks benefit Remote Workers/ Teleworkers?
Written by RWorks
Monday, 20 December 2010 14:57

So, you are working from home as part of a dispersed team. You are enjoying all the benefits, the reduced commute times, the savings on fuel costs, and your car will definitely not miss the wear and tear of travelling to work every day! And neither will you- you can now get some exercise before work, enjoy your breakfast rather than the 'grab and run', and arrive at your desk focused and relaxed. No wonder there is so much evidence in research on remote working/teleworking pointing towards a better worklife balance, happier employees and resultant increased productivity levels.

Working for an organisation from your own home however is not without it's challenges. There needs to be absolute clarity on what your role is in the project, and what your deliverables are. With lack of face-to-face interaction, there is plenty of room for mis-communication and indeed, lack of communication. You may even feel a sense of exclusion from your office-based co-workers. And do you know the most commonly cited problem that we at RWorks found in our research on remote/teleworkers? It is an interesting one! It is the employee's feeling of worry and anxiety that the manager may not know that the employee is actually doing what they have been assigned to do, and the progress they are making on their tasks.

Let's get this one thing straight- if you weren't a trusted employee, you would not be working from home. So relax on that front, RWorks is not about trust. RWorks is about communication. It is great to know that your manager does know that you are working well, and that he/she is getting automatic updates from the entire team, thereby keeping the entire project on track. And through RWorks, you can receive feedback from your manager on your work, enhancing that feeling of inclusiveness within the dispersed team, and support from your manager.


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